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The Evolution of RACE


Cheri McLain founded Rescue Animals Community Effort, Inc. (RACE) in the spring of 2010. The initial mission was to contract  the services of the county animal shelter to help companion animals live a quality life in Brunswick county, North Carolina. 

RACE has developed into an organization that also implements programs to educate children and adults on proper care and responsibility for companion animals. Additionally, RACE teaches awareness to the community about animal issues that impact society as a whole. With a volunteer and foster network that is fueled by community interest, RACE plans to aid in reducing euthanasia in the community.

Please Support RACE

One of the easiest ways to support RACE is to use the link below every time you shop on Amazon. 


Please remember RACE this year when you may be looking for a tax deduction. Our vet bills far exceed our adoption fees. We continue to operate because of your generosity. RACE has no paid employees, so you can be assured that your donation is applied directly toward animal care and rehabilitation.

Thank you for your support!

You can donate to RACE using our PayPal Me link here:


Featured Dog of the Month


Pappy is a 2-3 year old Chihuhua mix.  He is very sweet and playful.  He takes a bit of time to warm up to bigger dogs, but likes dogs his own size almost immediately.  He doesn't mind cats and is in a foster home with big dogs, small dogs and cats.

Calendar of Events

Contact Us

Drop us a line! If you are looking to adopt, please fill out the application that can be found on our Forms & Resources page. Click on the menu above and go to our Forms and Resources page OR copy this and paste it into your address line, then hit enter. http://raceshelter.org/forms-and-resources. If you have a different question, please use this form.

Our Wish-List

RACE is always in need of supplies such as the following:

  • Puppy pee-pads
  • Dog food
  • Puppy food
  • Paper towels
  • Folding wire crates- all sizes
  • Please call us for drop-off sites at 910-579-0407

We are always in need of foster homes for dogs of all sizes and ages. Fill out a foster/volunteer application (in the forms section) if you'd like to help!

RACE is also looking for a donation of land and/or a building along the Route 17 or Route 179 corridor from Supply to Sunset Beach. We are seeking to establish a new

RACE: Rescue Animals Community Effort

910 -579-0407